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Absolutely Z-Mike!
Absolute precision. 

+ Z-Mike laser gauges are the most precise, most flexible laser measurement systems for symmetrical rotation parts on the market.
Metrology with no compromises
+ In a world of increasingly tighter tolerances, leading-edge technology coupled with Z Mike’s tried and tested optical design provide the prerequisite for metrology that makes no compromises.

Overview of key advantages:
- Recalibration not necessary.
- No need to center the object to be measured.
- Shiny, matte and colored surfaces and artificial light do not affect measurement precision.
- Measurements traceable to national standards.

Z-Mike Lasermesstechnik GmbH is present worldwide and for the past 20 years has been the benchmark for precision non-contact dimension measurement of symmetrical rotation parts.

Give us the chance to show you what we can do with a demo on your site!

Application examples
+ We have more than twenty years experience in making appliances for non-contact precision measurement.

Examples include:
- all types of external
- single or multiple fluted
  cutting reamers
- cutters with odd or even
  number of flutes
- rubber rollers
- hard metal drills
- injection needles
- piston diameters
- artificial joints
- dental implants
- gauges pins
- multiple measurements
  on shafts and pins
- gauge pin calibration
- printer rollers
- quartz tubes
- razor blades
- PCD cutting tools

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