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1200 series
+ The 1200 series offers conventional laser micrometers with the precision of a fine measurement shop suitable for use in manufacturing applications.

This range of laser micrometers has a measurement area of up to 50 mm, enabling them to cover a wide spectrum of products.

Applications for these micrometers range from the measuring pin to the precision shaft and PCD tools.
Modell 1210 Pro
1220 Pro
Measurement range * 0,08-25,4 mm
0,2-50,8 mm
MPE ** ±0,0004 mm
±0,0007 mm
* The 1210 Pro model is available with an optional measurement range from 0.025 mm. The 1220 Pro model offer an extra 2.5 mm elliptical beam option for measurements on particularly rough surfaces.

** MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) is based on a standard 20°C factory setting and allowing for 50% relative humidity. It is traceable to national standards and valid for the entire measurement area and for all points therein.

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